Our Mission & Vision
       Certified by Government of Pakistan for Solar Net Metering Nationwide
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KHS Mission

To create innovation in alternate energy & test solutions and provide services beyond customer expectations. How we go about fulfilling this mission is what makes us a unique and fast growing company. With our best efforts, we are changing the way people think about solar energy, and other renewable energy sources. KHSis dedicated to reducing emissions of climate changing gases such as carbon dioxide and our aim is therefore to help achieve sustainability so that we conserve and preserve valuable energy commodities for a brighter future. 

KHS Vision
Promote Renewable Energy until it becomes the largest contributor to our National Energy Production. 

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Strong work ethics
  • Direct, open, and honest communication
  • Commitment to clients
  • Quality Services
  • Product quality and reliability
  • Continual self-improvement
  • Team-orientation / commitment

usiness Strategy

We carefully listen to our customers for their needs and requirements and our experts make sure that best available technology and products are comprising the solutions that we propose. Every effort is made to deliver all the ordered goods within the committed time in order to meet our customer design and deployment requirements. Due to competitive prices, reliable quality and excellent service, we have successfully built business relations with many companies from countries all over the world. Each product is handpicked from the reputed international manufacturers including Germany, USA, Taiwan, Japan and China.

Our Team
KHS Pakistan’s technical team is a community of dedicated, knowledgeable, and creative people from a wide range of backgrounds. We have a unique mix of talent, which delivers powerful solutions to customer's problems backed by outstanding service. Our team strives to understand the customer intimately in order to provide solutions that match their specific needs.
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Committing Excellence

Contact Us

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+92 51 8735373 - 4

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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